"I contacted DPS to assist with a credit issue that I was unable to resolve for months despite all efforts and assistance. They were available to promptly answer all of my questions and proceed. Within two weeks my issue was resolved which resulted in a credit score increase exceeding 110 points. They come highly recommended, I'm so grateful to have found them."
"I have always had good credit but over the last few years, 4 negative items were suddenly being reported on my credit report. These items were bringing my score down so much that was impacting my rates and a number of other financial tools. The negative items were frustrating because nothing I did could get them off my report.

Even after I negotiated a settlement with the creditors they continued the report the negative items. I heard some good things about DPS resources so decided to give them chance. I was surprised by how quickly my scores improved.

Not only were the negative items removed but I find myself qualifying for financial tools that were previously out of reach for me because of my credit. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done. I highly recommend DPS resources."
"Following the financial crisis, I suffered from gaps in my employment which had an impact on my credit. Once I regained my financial stability I wanted to get those negatives off my credit report. I initially tried using a credit repair service but after several years and very minor point gains I was ready to give up.

A friend of mine recommended that I try DPS Resource. They did in 30 days what my other agency was not able to over 3 years. My credit dramatically improved from poor to good.
Not only did they work quickly but they also had great service.

The other agency I worked with had me mailing copies of letters from the credit agency and creditors nearly every month to their firm. My experience with DPS resources was entirely different, they did all the work!"
"Amazing Service! The DPS team has been a God-send! Their experience and expertise in communications/processes for personal credit-rating accuracy and dispute (when warranted/necessary) is fantastic! I’ve appreciated their prompt responses, and knowledgeable support. I’ve relied and returned to them for help on several occasions. Like me, you’ll be glad to have them in your corner!"
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