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We at DPS Resource offer Paralegal services for a wide variety of needs including helping consumers with their credit issues at very affordable prices. By being paralegals, we use the letter of the law to help our clients.
For over 26 years we have been providing accurate and trusted services at a low cost with excellent customer service in all 50 states.

We have become specialists with identity theft recovery. It’s a fact that over 16 million (known) people are the victim of identity theft annually. Millions more have had their information compromised, which can lead to even more errors and possible lower credit scores.

If you have done any business with any of the following entities (we all have files with Equifax so it’s a YES), then you have potentially had your personal information breached and quite possibly be a victim of identity theft.  We will file the correct documents to offset issues that are caused by data breaches/identity theft.

Here Is a Short List (And There Are Many More) Of Major Breaches to Data Intelligence That Have Likely Sabotaged Your Credit and Lowered Your Scores While Compromising The Financial Integrity Of Yourself And Your Family.

  • EBAY
  • UBER
  • And hundreds more

Credit bureaus have four business days to verify or block the items submitted. We make sure the bureaus are compliant and the items that need to be blocked are in fact blocked citing the applicable statute.

We do not provide legal advice, but we do make sure that at your direction your documents are prepared and filed accurately pursuant to State and Federal regulations.

How Can Paralegal Credit Fix Help?

Paralegal Credit Fix has successfully resolved these type of questionable items on credit reports.






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Paralegal Credit Fix has helped thousands of Consumers Repair their Credit and We Can Help You!

Our comprehensive and customizable services make credit repair easy and effective. Start Living A Better Credit Life.

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